Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Things To Be Thankful For....And To Think About....

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 Don't you just love this time of the year?  Leaves are changing, even here in Always-Sunny-San-Diego, you see it happening.  The air is getting crisp and cooler, the days are winding down quicker, and the kids are almost putting themselves to bed at our home.  This season begins the warm holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years and Valentine's Day.  All good.
     I never want to fail to stop and remember what it feels like to slow down and count my blessings.  With Veteran's Day comes the sobering fact that we fight hard for our freedom and all that that brings with it.  We are blessed enough to be able to vote in elections, worship in churches, say the Pledge of Allegiance in our classrooms and dress the way we choose.  
Today I was reminded of how lucky I am, my children are healthy and happy, and doing exceptionally well in school.  Thriving even.  Just to be able to say that is a small miracle since most other countries in the world have less than ideal conditions in which to raise a family.  My husband has a great job and allows me the luxury of staying home to raise the children, again, something many people may take for granted or even not realize is a blessing (especially when said children are arguing, or yelling, or whining...!)  As I began to clean up the house and fold laundry, I was reminded to be thankful that we have so much, and that I had tens of piles of clothing to fold.  I have a friend who runs a small school in Africa and her husband runs a few Christian radio stations there also, and most if not all of the attending children own just one outfit, the one that the school issued as their uniform.  We are indeed blessed.  Faced with the age-old question of, "Whatever will I make for dinner tonight?" I had to smile and be grateful that I had enough food in the house to even have such an issue, (and a choice).  We reside in the top percentage of wealth in the world here in the USA, and yet we still forget to be thankful all year long!  Did you know that if you make $35.000 a year you are in the Top 4 percent?  $50.000?  Top 1 percent.  Excess has impaired perspective in America, we are the richest people on earth, praying to get richer. 

As you go about your day, week and even month, look around you and take the time to be grateful for all the things you do have, and all the people you call friends, and all of the family that has contributed to the person you are today.  Thank them and remember to treat them with kindness.  Everyone is fighting something, and it's a little easier with a friend by your side.  
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