Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Most Wonderful Things In Fall

 Great Things about Thanksgiving:
Here's my Top 10, what are yours?

1.  The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special on TV
 Photo: I love this Holiday special!!!

 2.  Gathering with those we love for special meals and new memories:

Photo: Friends sharing!

3.  An entire month to count our blessings.

4.  Watching the parade on TV
Photo: One oft favorite things!

5.  A chance to pull out the leaf in our tables, add chairs around it and set the table for company!

6.  A time for pause and reflection...
Photo: Every day!

7.  Beautiful Fall colors all around us:

 8.  Pumpkin Pie!
Photo: Pumpkin pie with or without cool whip?

9.   My personal favorite.  (Why don't we make this all year?!)
Photo: Yum with or without marshmallows?

10.  But most of all, a time to remember we are:


Photo: Snoopy the Master Chef!!! Anyone remember what he cooked for Charlie Brown and his friends for Thanksgiving?


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