Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Switch Witch (Save Your Kids From Halloween Candy Overload!)


 How do you handle Halloween Candy Overload in your house?
My son just got braces this year, and he, for one will NOT be partaking in all of the caramel/gummy/crunchy candy-madness this time around, thankyouverymuch.  Not to mention the amount of JUNK that goes into candy bars these days!  As long as I'm writing out the $130 check to Dr. Toolson each month, there will not be any corn syrup-y candy going into that boy's mouth when I'm not looking!    My other son is a complete sweet tooth and can barely contain himself with all of the candy he collects.  I'm pretty sure if I didn't monitor it, we would be reliving the ONE YEAR I actually let him put his Easter Basket in his room for ONE DAY, andthat night he threw up.  His comments:  "Ugh, I shouldn't have eaten all that candy in a day." What I discovered:  27 wrappers shoved behind his dresser.  Twenty-seven.  (He was 8).

 So what to do?  I mean, they want the candy and it's not "fair" to take it all away from them, right?  After all, they traipse all over the neighborhood sweating profusely in face masks and scratchy costumes, all for the unlimited amount of "free" candy they collect.  Last year the pillowcase from just one of my kids weighed a little under 8 pounds.  That's a whole lot of candy my friends.  That took hours to collect and his feet were killing him when he finally gave in and went to sleep.  And yet, I manage to get it away from them both, every year. How you ask???

Enter, the "Switch Witch!"  The Switch Witch is the Tooth Fairy's sister, a friendly good witch that comes in and takes your unhealthy candy and replaces it with a toy, or some other wanted item, along with healthier candy options.  In our home, she leaves "Unreal" candy, found at Target. 

It is candy just like the familiar favorites:  Reese's, Milky Way, M&M's and Snickers.  Just without the corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, GMO's, fake flavors and colorings, preservatives and gluten-free!

The kids find this letter on the morning of Halloween:
 Switch Witch
I am the Switch Witch and I have a very special job to do on Halloween night. I take away sweets and junk from children and I swap them for good-for-you candy, lovely toys, stickers and shiny coins!
Late on Halloween night, when everyone is tucked up in bed, I fly through the sky on my broomstick looking for sweets.
If you would like a visit from me, leave your sweets on your kitchen table and I promise to leave you something nice.  Those nasty sweets rot your teeth and are very bad for you, so I’m ever such a nice witch!
You could also leave me a letter or a drawing – I love to hear about the spooky things that children get up to at Halloween. I collect the sweets in a large black sack that I carry on the back of my broomstick. My cat Tricksy flies on the back of my broom – she takes care of the sack and tells me when it is full.
I will only come to children who are fast asleep in bed – I am magic so don’t forget, so I’ll know if you are faking it!
                            Happy Halloween!!!  XO, The Switch Witch 

I know some orthodontists pay kids $5 per pound for candy also, which is a great option, but so your kids still get to actually enjoy some candy this Halloween, consider letting them "switch" some of it       out for more acceptable kinds, like Unreal.

              Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar:
                  170 calories per regular sized bar
                    7 g fat
                    28 g carbs
                  130 mg sodium
                    19 g sugar

                4 g protein 
    Bonus: I can pronounce everything in it!
 ... Switch Witch by Pamela Hurd + GIVEAWAY | Reflections of a Book Addict

There's a cute book you can order off Amazon all about the Switch Witch also:

Happy Halloween!

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