Wednesday, September 11, 2013

HUGELY Discounted Shoes and Clothing on - Have You Found It Yet?

 I consider myself to be an internet shopping aficionado, and yet somehow it took me 6 years to find this now 6-year-old company online.  I. am. ashamed.  ----but, I will share the secret!
I recently purchased 4 pairs of tennis shoes for my boys that all cost under $40 each.  Most of them were $29.99 for current styles of DC Shoes and Etnies that they love.  Shipping is FREE and the brands are top-notch.  
If you haven't checked them out yet...stop by today and see what you're missing.  
I just may *have to* buy these boots, they're SO cute and oh-so-affordable! 
 Happy Shopping!

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