Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Have You Seen The Warning Signs Yet?

Okay, okay, this post is not a recipe or a deal you can get in town, this post is because of the signs I've been seeing ALL OVER THE PLACE warning us about chemicals in our everyday products that cause cancer and other reproductive harm.  I as a mother and concerned about my children and my family (not to mention myself!) and am starting to take notice of this everywhere I go. 

Have you seen them yet?  You will.....


In front of the Dove and Ivory soap, the VO5 my mom used to wash my hair with, the Johnson and Johnson products (ESPECIALLY since they got busted for using formaldehyde and Novocain in their products, oh, but don't worry, they have been told they have until 2015 to remove it!)  Nevermind that this "Family Company" has been slipping it in for years, under the chemical name so none of us laymen would catch on!   Look for the "Quaternium-13" a.k.a. Formaldehyde/A.K.A.  " a known human carcinogen" on the back of every baby wash and shampoo they make.

There are literally hundreds of reasons people are getting sick and contracting auto-immune diseases so much more these days.  The chemicals in our homes are poisoning us and our families and pets.  

Anyone in your home suffer from migraines?
Are you aware that toxic chemicals found in air freshener products could be causing this? And to share even more, by law, ingredients in air freshener products do not have to be listed on product. Scary? For sure!
Recently a test on several air freshener products turned up 10 volatile organic compounds used in these products that were all toxic and hazardous under federal laws. We are told that these products are to be pleasant to us not make us sick.  So what happens when we breathe in these VOC'S? Asthma attacks, allergies, headaches and even possibly cancer. Now you ask what do I do?
What our family did was to simply switch stores and started shopping with a truly GREEN company, matter of fact, the Market LEADER in Concentrated Green Products.  
 If you would like more information about how to do the same, please contact me and I'd be more than happy to show you how to do this.  You shop directly from the manufacturer.  It's cheaper and more cost-effective to cut out the middlemen!    I hope you will join me in pushing back and saying NO to these horrible companies who would rather make a dollar than keep us safe. I'm happy to share how you can provide your family a safer home and environment and enjoy a home with  no caustic chemicals, and all toxic-free products.  You'll be surprised at how everyone's health will drastically change.  Our family of 4 hasn't seen a doctor's office for any prescriptions in over 3 years.    Hooray!  Now that's good news!
~Bridget  :-)

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