Saturday, March 16, 2013

Something's gone terribly wrong in the world....

You know something's gone horribly awry when beyond your basic WalMart sightings, people are popping up everywhere OUTSIDE OF WALMART.  I was under the impression that these people stayed at home and ONLY came out to do ALL of their shopping EXCLUSIVELY at WalMart, so as to not shock the rest of us, and frighten our small children.  I was wrong.


The questions just won't stop plaguing me....How does she sleep with those talons?  What does she do when it's cold outside?  Does she wear this look to the gym?----Wait a minute. the gym?  Ummmm, no.  Pretty sure these hoofs aren't interested in looking good or staying fit....she was, after all loading up on bacon & cheese at WalMart.

As I walked out, traumatized, nothing could prepare me for the unfortunate scene ahead.  Innocently walking down the street, I happened to glance over at the ATM machine, and beheld another questionable situation in which a small innocent child seemed to be hostage to his grandmother with a terrible fashion sense.  Let's just say this offended me on several levels.  Several.

First of all, I happen to love cheetah print.  In moderation.  Definitely in the correct setting and paired with appropriate accessories, of which none of this is.  Obviously.  

Today we are venturing out to Balboa Park, a place not known for it's "normal" visitors   I expect to see things I can never unsee.  I have prepared myself for this unfortunate fact.  I'm ready to face them all.  With my camera, of course.


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