Sunday, July 14, 2013

Q-Tips"Precision Tips" Product Review & Giveaway!


 I received a few boxes of Q-Tips complimentary for testing and reviewing purposes from my fave website INFLUENSTER in my "Something Blue" VoxBox...

 These aren't your average Q-Tip, they are called "Precision Tips" and they are shaped differently than the "regular" ones we all know and love.  I was excited to try them out and found so many great uses for them that I now can't live without them and find myself reaching for them all the time!

They work exceptionally well for household tasks that you just need something pointy to get to but not scratchy, like cleaning the dust from the inside of the glass picture frames, or dusting the scroll-work around the mirrors.

The BEST use of them was definitely for make-up application!  They are amazing for smudging eyeliner, applying concealer under the eye area and cleaning up any mascara messes.  I used them to remove nail polish that didn't quite make it onto my nail and landed on the cuticle instead, and also to remove polish when it smudged and needed a re-do.  THESE THINGS ARE AWESOME!

They're starting to pop up on shelves of all our favorite retail stores, but you can enter to win a free box here - just enter below by leaving a comment stating how you will use the new Q-Tips and a winner will be selected at random and notified on July 21, 2013.
 @QTips/ #PTBeauty



  1. I would love to use these to detail my car and get into those small spaces like my gearshift and a/c vents.

  2. These look fab! I'd use them to clean the edges of my spice jars and my kitchen cabinets!

  3. Interesting twist on an classic household commodity. I can see application for this many different places from personal hygiene to cleaning the hard-to-get-at places in my car and electronics.

  4. The winner Janelle was notified via email and got her free box today!