Sunday, June 23, 2013

Luster NOW! Instant Whitening Toothpaste ~ Product Review

Instant Whitening With 1 Brush

 I was given this product in my "Something Blue" VoxBox from for the purpose of testing and review.  When I unpacked the box I was excited to see toothpaste that whitened and hoped it didn't burn my mouth or taste horrible, like so many of the others do that promise to whiten (while taking a layer of enamel off your teeth in the process).   It has a proprietary blend of something they call "Bluverite Technology" which gives it the illusion of whiter teeth.   The paste comes out blue in color, pretty cool too! It's not a permanent long-term whitening toothpaste, it's a quick-fix that lasts for a few hours. 

When I brush with this, I've noticed a considerable difference in the shade of my teeth, as well as my 12 year old son's teeth.  He just got braces and struggles to brush long enough and often enough, so a whitening toothpaste that he could use is great   It tastes minty and fresh; but not as my 10-year-old would refer to as "too spicy," and it feels on par with the "average" toothpaste as far as bubbling up while brushing and overall performance.

The best part is that it leaves my teeth feeling clean and smooth. Our of a 5-star rating system, I think I'd have to give it a 4 star rating is because I didn't necessarily see the results "NOW" as it claims to do, rather instantly.  I'd expect a noticeable difference the first day or two, but this was a little more cumulative over time, especially to see my son's, which would have been easier to judge.  When you try it,  just don't expect this stuff to lift too many shades in the first day or two and you won't be disappointed.


Optical Illusion of Whiter Teeth
Stain Removal
Tastes Great
Keeps Teeth White For Hours
Safe For Daily Use
Surface Stain Removal with daily use
Gentle on Teeth
Safe for Dental Restorations


Not permanent whitening
Expensive ($7.99 for a 4 oz. tube)
Didn't leave a long-lasting "Fresh Breath/Minty" feeling
Leaves Residue Behind on Gums that requires lots of rinsing 

I recommend giving it a try to gradually whiten your smile, especially for a photo shoot or a special event, like a wedding or graduation.  Give it a good 2 weeks to work it's magic and you'll be pleased with the results, just remember they're short-term.


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