Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's Heatin' Up Around Here...How About A Jamba Juice Discount!?

We always love a smoothie on a warm day, it's such a refreshing snack after school, or just when you feel like "something," but you can't quite figure out "what."
Or, like tonight, when I just sent my husband out at 8:05 to get us smoothies because we spent the last 2 days on the couch, recovering from a bout with the stomach flu.  I'm not sure we can even handle much more than the matzo ball soup we had for lunch, our only meal today thus far anyhow!  So I went to the internet searching for a coupon (I can always find a coupon!) and voila!  Here's a great one to use for the next few months....No coupon necessary - just mention it.

Hint:  (You can also ask them to "Make It Light" and reduce the sugar, calories and carbs.)
*Make-It-Light smoothies contain 33-43% fewer calories, 35-50% fewer sugars, and 33-45% fewer carbohydrates than the regular Classic smoothies of the same name. For the Sixteen size: Make-It-Light Smoothie – 160-200 calories, 31-41g sugar, 36-48g carbohydrate;  Classic Smoothie – 260-320 calories, 53-70g sugar, 61- 78g carbohydrate.

Smoothie Specials Coupon
Limited time offer valid at participating locations. Offer specifically not valid at Downtown Disney. Offer not valid with catering orders. Offer cannot be combined with other promotional offers. Offer only valid for advertised smoothies, no substitutions. Valid 3/12/13 — 5/20/13. Not including applicable tax.

Now go get yourself one!


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