Sunday, July 29, 2012

The "Do's & Don'ts" of Beach Fashion

 "Dos and Don'ts" of Beach Fashion

Beach fashion is in style all summer long, especially here in San Diego,  but follow these rules to pull the look off flawlessly!

Do: Wear feminine, flirty sandals. A sandal with decorative stones or a metallic sheen can instantly dress up any summery outfit while keeping those tootsies cool.
Don't: Wear flip flops or foam sandals with a platform. These belong at home or on the beach only. The chunkier and more casual the sandal, the less flattering it is to the wearer. If you need height, try a sandal with a cork wedge or a pair of flirty sling-back heels—but on solid ground, not the sand.

Do: Choose a pair of flattering shorts or a shirt. The cut should hit anywhere between mid-thigh to just below the knee. Much longer, and calves look less shapely. Too much shorter, and it runs the risk of indecency. Long, flowing skirts are perfectly appropriate for the beach. Miniskirts aren't—unless they're part of your swimsuit, or worn as a suit cover-up.
Don't: Choose shorts that are overly embellished. Sequins, feathering, overly-contrasted washing, bedazzling, and other bold accents can be a huge distraction. You should wear your clothes—your clothes shouldn't wear you! If you want detail, go for a colorful print or pattern.

Do: Wear a wide-brimmed floppy hat, particularly one with a ribbon detail. It'll keep the sun off your neck and make a lovely fashion statement.
Don't: Wear it indoors! If it's too wide, you'll run the risk of knocking something off a shelf—or blocking other people's views.  (This does not apply if you're here in Del Mar at the horseraces this month however.  In that case, the bigger the better!)

Do: Go for colors, especially bright corals, teals, and any range of seafoam green or blue.
Don't: Go for all-black. Beach fashion is about lightness and keeping it floaty, so don’t let dark colors weigh down the look. Black swimsuits are perfectly appropriate and slimming, but be sure to pair them with some brighter accessories. Keep in mind, a black swimsuit paired with a black sarong, paired with a black floppy hat, paired with black-rimmed sunglasses—that look starts looking a little funereal. Play up the color, and have fun doing it.

Do: Protect your hair. When you'll be spending the day in the sun, make sure you get it with some conditioner before leaving the shower. It'll help protect your hair against sun damage.
Don't: Forget a sweater or windbreaker. It can get chilly out there in the wind!

What’s your favorite way to show off beach fashion at home?


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