Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Double-Ad Wednesdays. Did You Know?

 Here is San Diego we have a chain of health-food inspired grocery mini-stores called Henry's that everyone seems to love *almost* as much as Trader Joe's.  But, they're hit-and-miss with the prices - especially in the produce section.  You can literally pay $1.00 one day for a carton of raspberries and $4.99 the next.  You gotta plan the sale days.  They've simplified it with Double-Ad Wednesdays now, and it is such a savings I actually plan my day around fitting my grocery trip in.   Tomorrow, the savings are ridiculous, BOTH this week AND last week's ads will be in effect.  That just makes me weepy and anxious to type it. 

To check out their ads and plan your family's menu for the week, here is the link to their page:

Their deli and bakery is to die for.  Be sure to walk the whole store, you will discover may  new things when you're not in a hurry.  Our family has committed to eating healthier, fresher foods, and Henry's is our shopping headquarters for it.   Just one hint:  Don't shop hungry!


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